Now that I’m thinking about occasional writing and this blog again, I’ve reevaluated whether it’s worth cross-posting to Medium any more.

(It’s not.)

For a time, there was enough traffic on a couple of the posts on Medium that it generated enough royalty income to pay for a Medium subscription. Not much more than that, but enough to feel like the ecosystem was working. Fast forward a few years though and you’ll find Medium had restructured the program such that small “long tail” content publishers such as myself didn’t generate enough traffic to qualify for the program.

So, I’m pausing any cross-posting efforts and repatriating my Medium content back here. I’ve never been serious enough about writing to try to turn it into an important revenue stream, but I’m just serious enough about it that I’m not interested in donating a revenue stream to some other webhost.

Some of the content I’ve brought home: