This is the personal blog of one of the multiple Jason Andersons in the world. (At one point, there were five of us working at Microsoft at the same time!) I’ve been a technologist for over 30 years, from the 8-bit madhouse of the 80’s to the current world where apparently you don’t even need an actual server to run a billion-dollar empire. In my years thus far, I’ve worked in the embedded software nee “Internet of Things” ecosystem, video game development, Web 1.0 technology, consumer insights and analytics, music tech, data science, bioinformatics, and eCommerce.

I’m currently run product engineering at Elysium Health, which makes supplements and products for extending human longevity. I was previously the founder of Datagame (specialized software for enhanced survey research), which was acquired by BioCentric.

As time permits, I also served as chairperson and treasurer for Freedom to Learn, a Kansas state political action committee. It’s a collective of parents, teachers, and community leaders aligned in the defense of public education in the state of Kansas.

Prior to BioCentric, I served as Head of Research at UnitedMasters, a music distribution and services platform for independent artists. I ran Insights Meta (circa 2012-17), a full-service custom research agency. I’ve also managed consumer insights projects at Amazon Game Studios and global consumer insights at Blizzard Entertainment. I managed business intelligence teams at Xbox and led the consulting practice at International Development Group, a boutique strategic consulting agency. Go back far enough in time and you’ll find me slinging code for controlling x-ray tanks on airport security equipment or trying to develop a game on a Timex Sinclair 1000.

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