Has it really been two years since I wrote anything? Apparently not even ChatGPT offered enough motivation to get off my butt and engage with the Internet.

It’s been a very busy couple of years, so I don’t necessarily regret my time away, but I do sense a rebalancing underway.

For now, however, a few quick points:

  • I’ve removed links to Twitter from this site. I just can’t find it in myself to continue giving Twitter more chances at redemption – it seems like every time I think they’ve hit bottom, Elon grabs a shovel and digs a little more.
  • I’m starting to experiment with BlueSky now, since I managed to get a beta invite. It feels very much like the Twitter of old, which is to say discovery sucks and brave new world and what the hell are we supposed to do over there but in total it feels like a decent start.
  • I’ve made a commitment to myself that I will not allow ChatGPT to write1 my content. I have no qualms with using it as a copy editor, though, as copy editing is a real thing and something that I find to be a rather dreadful chore.

1 To wit, I tried pasting this little blog post into ChatGPT and asking it to copy edit, but it changed the writing style in ways that didn’t “feel” like me any more. I do still feel like there are other ways AI tools are going to prove to be indispensable to me, but first I need to figure out how to teach it to mimic my voice.