Photographic Walkabout


The Lego PC Home Server

Lego PC Server

799 bricks of joy

In my ancient childhood, there was nothing worth doing that couldn’t be done with Legos. I could make Optimus Prime out of Legos, with authentic “transforming” movement. I could build an oversized He-Man action figure, using rubber bands inside the torso to recreate that awesome swing-around punching action. Cars and spaceships, homemade board games, recreations of Choose-Your-Own-Adventure stories…with enough bricks and a crazy enough mind (and a little bit of manic energy), and I could build pretty much anything. And between that and the pre-Internet (BBS-land, for those of you that remember the days), that pretty much dominated my creative leisure time.

But I always wanted to build a Lego computer. Now, finally, in my older and gainfully employed adult years, I can afford to buy however many damned Lego bricks I need to build a Lego PC case and so I set out to do exactly that. I’m still rather pragmatic, though, so what you’ll find on the following pages and construction guide are plans for a very small Lego PC…technically speaking, a Mini ATX machine with room for one SATA hard drive and no external drive bays. The intended purpose for my particular Lego PC is as a home media server, so we can finally consolidate all of our music and video in one place and stream it around the house from a central location.

The secondary purpose of the Lego PC was to keep myself out of trouble for a couple of weeks.


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